Creative ‘Thanksgiving Games’ for Kids & Toddlers To Keep Them Busy

Thanksgiving is a special time where family and friends gather to celebrate all the things they’re thankful for. If you’ve got little ones, you might be looking for ways to keep them entertained during this holiday. Below you’ll find a variety of Thanksgiving Game Ideas for Kids, Children of all ages to enjoy!

Thanksgiving Games
Thanksgiving Games

1. Pumpkin Racing

Pumpkin races are a classic autumn game for all ages. You’ll need two pumpkins and two long sticks. You can use small pumpkins as well as large ones for this game. To play, simply have the contestants push or roll the pumpkins to the finish line using the sticks. The person whose pumpkin gets there first wins! For small children, you may want to let them use their hands to push the pumpkin. A twist to this game is to perform it relay style!

2. Pin the Feather on Turkey

This is a Thanksgiving-themed twist for the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. In this variation, you’ll need a large drawing of a turkey, a feather with double-sided tape on it, and a blindfold. Each player will take turns being blindfolded, spun three times, then will attempt to stick the feather on the turkey at the right location. The person who gets closest to their intended target wins the game!

Pin the Feather on Turkey Game
Pin the Feather on Turkey Game

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3. Beast, Bird or Fish

The object of this game is simple. One person says either “Beast,” “Bird” or “Fish” and the person whose turn it is must name a creature that fits the category within ten seconds. The catch to this game is that it’s played with a group, and there can be no repeating of answers. If a contestant cannot come up with a new answer within the allotted time, they’re out of the game. The last person standing wins!

4. Turkey Hunt

For this game, all you’ll need is a few players and a small toy turkey. Have the contestant leave the room, and the rest of the players hide the turkey. Then, the contestant must hunt for the turkey. The hiders gobble loudly when the contestant gets close to the turkey and softly when the contestant is far from it, rather than saying “hot” or “cold.”

Turkey Hunt Game
Turkey Hunt Game

There are many other Thanksgiving Games you can think up to keep your children busy. Some ideas are Thanksgiving-themed crosswords, word searches, and mazes. Use your imagination and think up holiday-themed variations for classic games. Even adults can get into the fun and play some Thanksgiving-themed games! By adding some fun to your holiday, you can start a tradition that the entire family will look forward to year after year!

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