What Must You Replace After Using The AED?

What should you remove before using an AED?

Before Using the AED 2 Open the person’s shirt and wipe his or her bare chest dry.

If the person is wearing any medication patches, you should use a gloved (if possible) hand to remove the patches before wiping the person’s chest..

How long do AED pads last?

between 18 and 30 monthsTherefore, the pads have an expiration date to help ensure that sudden cardiac arrest patients have the best possible chance of survival. The typical life expectancy of AED pads is between 18 and 30 months.

Does AED expire?

Typically, an AED battery will have three dates printed on it: a manufactured-by date, an install-by date, and an expiration date. An AED battery should be used within five to seven years of its manufacturer date. … And the expiration date indicates when the battery will no longer function.

What do you do with expired AED pads?

Disposal of unused and/or clean pads. Unused and used electrode pads without blood or other potentially infected materials may be disposed of in the regular trash. After disconnecting pads from the AED and before disposing to the regular trash, it is recommended to cut the electrode wires to prevent reuse.

Can an AED machine kill you?

A manual defibrillator can cause Cardiac Arrest and then death if it is not reversed. An AED will not discharge or deliver a shock to anyone awake (or not) with a non-shockable rhythm.

Can you do CPR with clothes on?

It is not necessary to remove a patient’s clothing in order to do chest-compression-only CPR.

How often should you replace your AED?

Expired AED Batteries Most batteries have a 4 to 5-year lifespan. It is important to note that battery life decreases in extreme conditions. It is best to make note of your battery expiration date and order a new one on time. This prevents a possible negative outcome caused by a non-functioning AED.

Do you have to remove a bra to use an AED?

Proper steps for performing CPR and using an AED on women Remove all clothing from the patient’s chest – this includes swimsuits, bras, sports bras, tank tops, and regular tops. … Bras need to be cut for AED electrode pads to be placed properly.

What is the average useful life of an AED?

A: Typically, the useful life of AEDs is 5 to 10+ years. Every five years or so, the American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) issue new or refined guidelines for resuscitation and upgrades may be needed in the AEDs or the software in order to meet the new guidelines.

What do you do if AED pads touch each other?

If it looks like the pads will touch, put one pad in the center of the baby’s chest. Put the other pad on the center of the baby’s upper back. You may need to first dry the baby’s back. Don’t touch the baby while the AED checks the baby’s heart rhythm.

How do you know when AED pads are expired?

How to Tell If Your Pads and Batteries Have Expired?Visual exam – the expiration date will be posted on the pads and battery.Attach a check tag on your AED and write the expiration dates on the tag.Post an expiration date reminder on your e-calendar.More items…•

Should you do CPR if there is a pulse?

Trained and ready to go. If you’re well-trained and confident in your ability, check to see if there is a pulse and breathing. If there is no breathing or a pulse within 10 seconds, begin chest compressions. Start CPR with 30 chest compressions before giving two rescue breaths.