What Is A Remediation Process?

What is your vulnerability remediation process?

Remediation to proprietary code might include: patching, disabling the vulnerable process, removing a vulnerable component, updating system configuration, or updating the platform or service that your teams are using.

All these can serve to provide a good permanent solution to a security vulnerability..

What is risk remediation?

Remediation risk management (RRM) is the process for managing uncontrollable project activities or circumstances that may result in negative consequences to remediation system performance. The project team evaluates the remediation risk and develops plans to facilitate risk mitigation.

What is the difference between remediation and mitigation?

Remediation occurs when the threat can be eradicated, while mitigation involves minimizing the damage as it cannot be fully eliminated. For example, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) mitigation routes suspicious traffic to a centralized location where it is filtered.

What is a remediation cost?

Remediation Costs means expenses incurred to investigate, quantify, monitor, remove, dispose, treat, neutralize, or immobilize “pollution conditions” or “site environmental conditions” to the extent required by applicable law in the jurisdiction of such “pollution conditions” or “site environmental conditions”.

What is an example of remediation?

Remediation is the act of correcting an error or stopping something bad from happening. When a company that polluted takes steps to clean up the water supply, this is an example of remediation. An action taken to remedy a situation.

What is remediation in banking?

The remediation process is where they clear up any contradictory data, organize the information they have acquired, and determine what else is left for them to find out about the client.

What is the opposite of remediation?

What is the opposite of remediation?contaminationpollutionbefoulingcontaminatingsoilingtaintcorruptionuncleannessdefilementfilthiness16 more rows

What does remediation mean?

What does remediation mean? Remediation is the act of remedying or correcting something that has been corrupted or that is deficient. … Environmental remediation is the removal of pollutants or the reversal of other environmental damage, especially in a particular location, to attempt to return it to its natural state.

Whats another word for clean up?

Alternate Synonyms for “clean up”: tidy; tidy up; neaten; straighten; straighten out; square away; order.

What is remediation in software?

Threat remediation refers to the process by which organizations identify and resolve threats to their systems. A threat is anything that can infiltrate your system to steal information, hurt operations or damage your software and hardware.

What is remediation in law?

REMEDIAL. That which affords a remedy; as, a remedial statute, or one which is made to supply some defects or abridge some superfluities of the common law.

What does remediation mean in business?

MANAGEMENT, WORKPLACE. the process of trying to solve problems within a company or organization: It is hoped that the remediation steps described above will be effective in addressing the company’s problems. (Definition of remediation from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What are remedial rights?

: a right (as of self-defense) arising on a violation of and for the protection of a substantive right.

What is another word for remediation?

decontamination, sanitation, rehabilitation, restoration, remedial, reclamation, reorganisation, cleanup, clean-up, ‘assainissement, regeneration, abatement, correction.