Question: Why Isn’T Gildarts A Wizard Saint?

Who are the 10 Wizard Saints in fairy tail?

Navigationv • d • e Ten Wizard SaintsCurrent MembersMembersDraculos Hyberion • Jura Neekis • Makarov Dreyar • Warrod Sequen • WolfheimFormer MembersDefectedGod Serena1 more row.

Can Natsu beat God Serena?

The answer is yes, however he could do that only with a PU mode (like Fire Dragon King Mode or Dragon Force), I mean, God Serena defeat 4 of the 5 (also Makarov stated that he had no chance against God Serena), maybe Natsu is not as strong as God Serena in Base Form, but his transformations grants him so much power …

Will 100 year quest get an anime?

The 100 year quest is a manga that may become an anime, if they can pull it off and make it even better than the original. … But if they do pull it off, they would have to animate 2 anime’s for Hiro Mashima. But it won’t be coming any time soon, as the manga was just released a few months ago.

Who is Natsu’s dad?

Natsu DragneelSpeciesHuman/EtheriousNotable relativesZeref Dragneel (brother) Igneel (adoptive father)GuildFairy TailMagicFire Dragon Slayer Magic7 more rows

Can Natsu turn into a dragon?

Natsu will no longer become a full Dragon. In order to for a Dragon Slayer to transform into a dragon as in the case of Acnologia, a Dragon Seed must first develop inside the body of the Dragon Slayer which eventually turns them into a dragon. … This is the reason he can no longer transform into a dragon.

Is Gildarts stronger than God Serena?

He also has a much higher demonstration of raw power than God Serena (mountain-cracking punches) and his magic is perfect for countering God Serena’s projectile-based Dragon Slayer magic. … If God Serena is really as strong as the hype built around him says he is, he is stronger. If he isn’t, then Gildarts is stronger.

Who is the most powerful wizard saint?

Top 8 Strongest Wizard Saints – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 8 Strongest Wizard Saints. They are extremely powerful and skilled mages of the ishgar continent. … Jose Porla.Makarov Dreyar.Jura Neekis.Warrod Sequen.Wolfheim.Draculos Hyberion.Jellal Fernandes.More items…•

Why is Gildarts never around?

Gildarts’ problem is that like Hiko Seijuro from Rurouni Kenshin he’s way too powerful so without depowering him it’s hard to write him into any battles as the bad guys would then get beaten easily with no drama. That’s why we haven’t seen him around since the Tenrou arc.

Which Dragon did Gildarts fight?

AcnologiaAcnologia Soon after, Acnologia arrives and Gildarts quickly reacts to his looming presence, identifying him as the same Black Dragon that both mutilated and dismembered him at Mount Zonia during his 100-year quest.

Who are the 5 S class wizard in fairy tail?

MembersNameRankStatusGildarts CliveS-Class Mage 5th Guild MasterActiveErza ScarletS-Class Mage 7th Guild MasterActiveLaxus DreyarS-Class MageActiveMirajane StraussS-Class MageActive56 more rows

Who is the strongest dragon slayer?

Fairy Tail: Top 10 Most Powerful Dragon Slayers, Ranked8 Sting Eucliffe.7 Wendy Marvell.6 Gajeel Redfox.5 Laxus Dreyar.4 God Serena.3 Irene Belserion.2 Natsu Dragneel.1 Acnologia.More items…•

Is Natsu a Wizard Saint?

Natsu Dragneel is one of the strongest young mages in the Fairy Tail series. He’s made a name for himself as The Salamander, one of Fiore’s strongest, and definitely one on the path of becoming both an S ranked wizard and later, a Wizard Saint.

Can laxus beat Gildarts?

Gildarts is STILL confirmed Strongest FT member. Gildarts is faster, stronger, and just as durable as Laxus with more hax. It’s basically Laxus without Lightning attacks vs Gildarts with lethal crashing magic.

Who is stronger Acnologia or Natsu?

The most powerful was when Natsu fought Mecruphobia after eating Ignia’s flames, the second being when he fought Animus and the least powerful was when he fought Gray. … So, as of now it is debatable whether or not a full power END is stronger than Acnologia but from what we have seen of his powers so far, it is a no.

Does freed have a crush on laxus?

While almost no interactions regarding love have been shown between them, fans of the manga and anime support Laxus Dreyar and Freed Justine’s relationship due to Freed’s loyalty to Laxus. Freed and Laxus’ relationship has always been rather different from the moment they were properly introduced into the series.

Can Natsu beat Gildarts?

At the end natsu was able to surpass gildarts. His partial end transformation was able to go toe to toe with his own weakness, devil slayer magic, and not die.

Who are the top 10 Wizard Saints?

Current Known MembersMakarov Dreyar. Current Ranking: Unknown. … Jura Nekis. Current Ranking: 5th. … Jose Porla. … Siegrain / Jellal Fernandes. … Warrod Sequen. … Wolfheim. … Hyberion. … God Serena.

Does Natsu become as Class Wizard?

Natsu can compete with S-Class level wizards, but he’s not officially an S-Class Wizard. …