Question: Which Part Of The Brain Is Responsible For The Highest Level Of Thought Quizlet?

What part of the brain controls thought process?

cerebrumThe cerebrum, the large, outer part of the brain, controls reading, thinking, learning, speech, emotions and planned muscle movements like walking.

It also controls vision, hearing and other senses..

What side of the brain controls memory?

Temporal LobeTemporal Lobe: side of head above ears situated immediately behind and below the frontal lobes; the temporal lobe controls memory, speech and comprehension. Brain Stem: lower part of brain, leads to spinal cord; the brain stem contains nerve fibers that carry signals to and from all parts of the body.

Which part of the brain is responsible for hearing and memory?

temporal lobeThe temporal lobe is located on the side of the head (temporal means “near the temples”), and is associated with hearing, memory, emotion, and some aspects of language. The auditory cortex, the main area responsible for processing auditory information, is located within the temporal lobe.

When we learn the main change within the brain is in?

Research has shown that in fact the brain never stops changing through learning. Plasticity is the capacity of the brain to change with learning. Changes associated with learning occur mostly at the level of connections between neurons: New connections form and the internal structure of the existing synapses change.

Which part of the brain is responsible for the highest level of thought?

cerebral cortexThe cerebral cortex, which is the outer surface of the brain, is associated with higher level processes such as consciousness, thought, emotion, reasoning, language, and memory.

What are the 17 parts of the brain?

Terms in this set (17)pons. motor control and sensory analysis.medulla. maintaining breathing and heart rate.cerebellum. coordination of movement posture and balance.thalamus. directs messages to sensory receiving areas and transmits replies to medulla and cerebellum.hypothalamus. … amygdala. … occipital lobe. … broca’s.More items…

Which part of the brain is responsible for emotions and learning?

AmygdalaAmygdala: Limbic structure involved in many brain functions, including emotion, learning and memory. It is part of a system that processes “reflexive” emotions like fear and anxiety.

What part of the brain controls speech and motor skills?

The frontal lobes are the largest of the four lobes responsible for many different functions. These include motor skills such as voluntary movement, speech, intellectual and behavioral functions. The areas that produce movement in parts of the body are found in the primary motor cortex or precentral gyrus.

Which part of the brain is responsible for the highest level of thought group of answer choices?

CerebrumCerebrum. Beneath the cerebral cortex is the cerebrum, which serves as the main thought and control center of the brain. It is the seat of higher-level thought like emotions and decision making (as opposed to lower-level thought like balance, movement, and reflexes).

Which part of the brain is responsible for thinking and planning quizlet?

There are four lobes of the cerebrum: frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. This is the biggest lobe of the cerebrum. It is located behind your forehead and in the front portion of the cerebrum. It is responsible for complex decision making, problem solving, thinking and planning.

Which is the largest part of the brain?

CerebrumCerebrum: is the largest part of the brain and is composed of right and left hemispheres. It performs higher functions like interpreting touch, vision and hearing, as well as speech, reasoning, emotions, learning, and fine control of movement. Cerebellum: is located under the cerebrum.

What part of the brain is responsible for smell?

temporal lobeThe olfactory cortex is vital for the processing and perception of odor. It is located in the temporal lobe of the brain, which is involved in organizing sensory input. The olfactory cortex is also a component of the limbic system.

What are the last parts of the brain to develop?

DEVELOPMENT OF THE PREFRONTAL CORTEX The brain develops in a back to front pattern, and the prefrontal cortex is the last portion of the brain to fully develop. This does not mean that children do not have functional prefrontal cortices.

Which brain structure relays information from the eyes?

occipital lobeThe occipital lobe, in the rear of the brain, processes light and other visual information from the eyes.

Which part of the brain controls basic life functions?

Brain Stem – The brain stem is located beneath the limbic system. It is responsible for vital life functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure.