Question: What Is The Definition Of Repel?

What is the definition of Repel in science?

physics : to force (something) to move away or apart.

one electron repelling another.

Two positive electrical charges repel each other.

Magnets can both repel and attract one another..

What does it mean to attract and repel?

verb (used with object) to draw by a physical force causing or tending to cause to approach, adhere, or unite; pull (opposed to repel): The gravitational force of the earth attracts smaller bodies to it.

What is the opposite of attract?

attract(v) Antonyms: repel, repulse, alienate, deter. Synonyms: allure, entice, draw, decoy, interest, engage, induce.

What is electromagnet definition?

: a core of magnetic material (such as iron) surrounded by a coil of wire through which an electric current is passed to magnetize the core.

How do you use repel in a sentence?

Examples of repel in a Sentence a fabric that repels water Their superior forces repelled the invasion. Two positive electrical charges repel each other. Magnets can both repel and attract one another.

What is attract?

a : to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself A magnet attracts iron. b : to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense : entice attract attention The museum attracts visitors. intransitive verb. : to exercise attraction Opposites attract.

What is the rappelling?

(in mountaineering) the act or method of moving down a steep incline or past an overhang by means of a double rope secured above and placed around the body, usually under the left thigh and over the right shoulder, and paid out gradually in the descent.

What is the opposite of repel?

repel, repulse(verb) be repellent to; cause aversion in. Antonyms: draw in, attract, pull, draw, pull in, appeal.

What is the meaning for repel?

to drive or force back (an assailant, invader, etc.). to thrust back or away. to resist effectively (an attack, onslaught, etc.). to keep off or out; fail to mix with: Water and oil repel each other.

What is an example of repel?

To repel is defined as to hold off, refuse to accept or reject. An example of to repel is the way citronella keeps mosquitoes away. An example of to repel is how sunlight drives away vampires.

What is another word for repel?

SYNONYMS FOR repel 1 repulse, parry, ward off. 3 withstand, oppose, rebuff. 7 decline, rebuff.

What can repel water?

Materials like carbon nanotube forests shown here work great when isolated drops are placed on the surface. Usual hydrophobic materials show their great water-repellent properties because of air pockets on them that reduce the contact of water droplets with the underlying surface.

What is a repelling force?

1 : the action of repulsing : the state of being repulsed. 2 : the action of repelling : the force with which bodies, particles, or like forces repel one another.

What is the difference between repellent and repellant?

Both have been used for over three hundred years. When I dug a bit deeper and looked into the Google Books Ngram Tool, it was confirmed that “repellent” is and almost always has been the more common spelling, with the exception of a strange outlier moment in history between 1722 and 1727 where “repellant” jumped ahead.