Question: How Do You Bend A Curtain Pole For A Bay Window?

Can you bend curtain track?

If you are not completely happy with the angle you can re-bend the track, just be careful to not apply too much pressure otherwise you may cause a kink or the track to snap..

What do you do with a bay window?

A bay window could even become a small home library with lots of storage space. Floor-to-ceiling bay windows would turn your dining space almost into an outdoor one. The natural light coming from bay windows could make your cooking process much cooler.

How do you bend Silent Gliss curtain track?

fill the rail to be bent with the wee silent gliss sliders and then slowly bend and twist the alloy to match the contours of the bus roof, drilling and either screwing or pop riviting it in place as you go, moving the sliders round to stop the rail from collapsing. Slowly slowly catchee monkley.

How do you bend Aluminium curtain tracks on a bay window?

Use the cords to pull the two bending inserts to the centre of the position where you want to bend the track. Firmly bend the track at the correct angle position by applying gentle pressure, slightly bending the track a number of times until your desired angle is achieved.

What is the best curtain track for a bay window?

The 3900 Curtain Track from Silent Gliss is the best available, it is the top of the range in corded curtain tracks. The 3900 curtain track comes as standard with roller gliders that instead of sliding along the track, roll along the edge to make the working of the track much easier and smoother.

How do you measure a curtain rod for a bay window?

Measure the width of the first side of your bay, where the pole is to be fitted, up to where it meets at the angle of the next section of the bay. Allow for an additional 15cm along this side so that the pole can pass past the window along the wall and your curtains can be pulled past the window when opened.

Should you put curtains on a bay window?

Large Bay window If the windows are large and go almost all the way up to the ceiling, then you’ll want to use long curtains so you’d need one for each window. They will be operated individually and you’ll have the possibility of covering up the windows entirely.

How do you wear curtains on a bay window?

Here are our top ideas and designs for dressing bay windows – which work in any room and space.Combine Roman blinds with curtains.Use curtains at the bottom of the window.Hang a curtain at each window.Hang a curtain across the front of the bay.Combine panels with curtains.

Are bay windows outdated?

Some people think of them as traditional and outdated, but we think their many benefits make them worth considering — which is why we present these contemporary bay window ideas. … However, today’s bay windows are worth adding to a space for many reasons: They add extra square footage (and value) to your home.

Can you put a curtain pole in a bay window?

Bay window curtain poles have revolutionised the way that you can apply window treatments to bay windows. … And whilst sleeve brackets provide secure support for the weight of the pole and the curtains, it is not possible for the curtain pole rings to pass the points at which the brackets encircle the pole.