Question: Did They Nerf The G7 Scout?

What happened to the R 99?

Shields have been changed dramatically and one of the most powerful and popular weapons, the R99 submachine gun, has been removed from the loot pool and been moved to being a special care-package weapon only..

Is the Longbow good apex?

The venerable Longbow DMR is one of the strongest and most reliable sniper rifles in the Apex Legends weapons arsenal, and its effectiveness has only increased. Capable of eviscerating enemies from great distances, it is third in line to the snipers throne, behind the Charge Rifle and the Sentinel.

Is the Spitfire a good apex?

The Spitfire boasts very decent damage across the board with 18 to the body and 36 to the head. You also get 35 shots out of a magazine, which we recommend upgrading with an extended magazine as soon as possible.

Did the Spitfire get buffed?

While some weapons received significant buffs, others were tweaked slightly. The Spitfire was one of the guns that received subtle adjustments. The new season updated the LMG with improved recoil controllability, as mentioned in the Season 6 patch notes.

How much damage does the Spitfire do in Apex legends?

Damage ProfileTargetDamageShots to kill [note 1]175 HPLvl 3/4 Helmet276Body189Leg14113 more rows

Did they nerf the r99?

The two best weapons in the game are being knocked down a peg. The two most overpowered weapons in Apex Legends may be taken down a notch.

Is the r99 or r301 better?

R99 for close range and R301 for mid-range. The R-301 is 202 better than the R99, so definitely the 301. Well they fulfil different roles. They are both great at shredding shields because they shoot light rounds but the r301 can do so from short, medium and semi long range and so is one of the best guns in the game.

Did they nerf the Spitfire apex?

Separately from the sniper category, we are nerfing the Spitfire a bit, but our goal is to still keep it strong, as it’s a rarer spawning weapon. The Wingman is receiving a few magazine size nerfs, so that it doesn’t dominate the stock gun vs. stock gun battle early on due to its super high damage per bullet.

What guns do the most damage in Apex?

As the only single-shot assault rifle, the G7 Scout is also the highest-damage AR in the game, dealing 60 damage per headshot and functioning as more of a DMR than an AR.

What is the best gun combo in Apex?

[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Weapon Combos That Wreck Hard! (2020)R301 Carbine + Peacekeeper. R301. … Prowler SMG + Charge Rifle. Prowler. … Devotion LMG + Longbow. Devotion. … R99 + Sentinel. R99. … R301 Carbine + Sentinel. R301. … Peacekeeper + Wingman. Peacekeeper. … R301 Carbine + R99. R301. … Peacekeeper + Kraber. Peacekeeper.More items…•

Is the g7 scout good?

As the most unusual sniper rifle in Apex Legends and perhaps in all of shooterdom, it’s possible the G7 Scout disappointed you the first time you picked it up. … It may especially feel that way when compared to the other long-range rifles. For the initiated, the G7 Scout is one of the best weapons in the game.

How much damage does the g7 Scout do?

The G7 Scout is a Sniper Rifle that uses Light Ammo and does 120 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 30 Damage Per Shot.